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Borg Logistic Data Service (BLDS)

The Borg Logistic Data Service provides you with the ability to have your maintenance, repair and overhaul work orders entered into your Borg Fleet account for a Borg certified logistic data specialist.

Once signed up, all you have to do is print from your Borg Fleet account a Work Order Work Sheet, have your mechanic fill the form with the work performed, parts used and notes, then fax it to BorgSolutions. A Borg certified logistic specialist will analyze and enter all the data into your account.

The Borg Logistic Data Service:

  • removes the need for dedicated data entry personnel
  • ensures efficient data accuracy document and
  • support your maintenance procedures

Borg Professional Services

BorgSolutions offer the following professional services to:

  • Solution customization
  • System integration between Borg Fleet and other systems (ie. accounting, dispatch,..)
  • Logistic consulting such a maintenance process analysis and recommendation
  • Fleet maintenance training & best practices

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Don't Take Our Word for It.

"Borg Fleet gives me a comprehensive tool to control my fleet, track my inventory, work orders, personnel and more. To me this is the biggest bargain available to our industry today!"

Robert Spooner, Director of Maintenance - Hecor, Inc.

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